Office Art

As part of our promotion of the visual and literary arts, the Arts Council hosts individual artists' work in our office space at Suite 110, 4818 50 Avenue. Visual art hangs on the walls and changes every 10 weeks; local writers’ books are on our shelves. Come and have a peek! Call for appointment to view - 403-348-2787.

The Red Deer Arts Council is pleased to present Roberta Murray's artwork in the office starting November 15, 2018 through January 20, 2019.

Roberta Murray Artist Statement

Since childhood art has been my window into freedom – a private retreat that I could escape into. Painting, drawing, and photography were a means for me to create my own world; a world that could take me on a journey to places real and imagined. Rather than documenting this journey in a written journal, I have used a visual language to express the stories and emotions I would not otherwise be able to tell.

My passions in life have always revolved around nature, animals, and stories of life back then, so these are the subjects I am naturally drawn to within my work. I try to work in a looser, expressive style to capture a fleeting mood or impression. I try not to copy nature exactly, but a sentiment that will allow you to connect with the represented spirit and create your owninterpretations. My approach is to create visual poetry rather than a documentary. It is my hopes these works will create an emotional response in you that goes beyond what is readily understood.

Artist Biography

Roberta Murray is a poetic impressionist painter from Alberta, Canada. Through painting, Roberta is attempting to present a visual story about life, love, and the importance of nature and the land. She tries not to copy the reality of her subject, but a sense of emotion that will allow the viewers to create their own interpretations. She uses softer colours, loose brushstrokes, and layered texture to add depth and feeling to the work. Roberta is a juried member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the Oil Painters Of America. Her works reside in private collections across North America and the United Kingdom.

From a Point of Beauty
In The Shadows of the Day