Office Art

As part of our promotion of the visual and literary arts, the Arts Council hosts individual artists' work in our office space at Suite 110, 4818 50 Avenue. Visual art hangs on the walls and changes every 10 weeks; local writers’ books are on our shelves. Come and have a peek! Call for appointment to view - 403-348-2787.

The Red Deer Arts Council is pleased to present Hedley Blake's photographs in the office from November 16, 2017 to February, 2018.

Hedley Blake Biography

Hedley Blake was born on October 25, 1961 in a small community of Raleigh which is located on the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland. He has lived in Red Deer since 1980. He came to Red Deer looking for work knowing that fishing was not what he wanted to do the rest of his life.

When he first arrived in Red Deer, it was not easy finding a job, but going back to a job on the water wasn't an option, so perseverance paid off when he landed a job at the Pepsi plant. From there until now, he worked with several companies learning many skills that he carries with him always.

Hedley was inspired by photography when in junior high school. He constructed a camera out of a small cardboard box and one I took that first picture, he knew then that he was very interested in photography. It wasn't until the mid 1970s, when his brother introduced him to a Canon AE1, that he got his imagination going again. In 1983, he borrowed a similar camera before going on a trip to Newfoundland, that his imagination really took off.

Over the years, living in Alberta, he has come to appreciate the beauty that nature provides.

Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise and my favourite, the David Thompson Highway west of Nordegg, are a few of the breathtaking views in Alberta that I love. HIs first, second and third solo exhibits were during 1990 to 1993 at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre and the Cronquist House, all shows with special thanks to Diana Anderson. Since then, Hedley hasparticipated in several exhibits, one of which was a solo of the 40th Anniversary of the Red Deer Farmers Market held at the Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery.

In 1993, he went on the road travelling over Canada and taking and selling his photographs until January of 1997 when he started working with Quinn Contracting as a material handler at the Nova Chemical Plant in Joffre. In 1998, he joined the P'Artisan Arts group of Red Deer where he participated in yearly exhibits with numerous other amazing talented artists. Sadly, this group is no longer, but he then became a member of the Red Deer and District Allied Arts Council and participated in several exhibits over the years. He is a member of the Red Deer Arts Council.

Hedley Blake Artist Statement

I feel lucky that my eyes catch what most people walk by or take for granted each day. It's not that people don't see it, but that it is not magnified, like it is for me. I can drive by something at highway speeds and catch something from the corner of my eye and have it framed before my vehicle stops. I'll back up or turn around for something that was just the size of a fly on the wall. Sometimes, it isn't so great but most of the time, it is well worth it.

With all the beauty in this great country of Canada, it is the greatest inspiration that keeps me continuing with the photographs that I capture with every touch of the shutter.

Fall Colours I, Photograph, Hedley Blake