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As part of our promotion of the visual and literary arts, the Arts Council hosts individual artists' work in our office space at Suite 110, 4818 50 Avenue. Visual art hangs on the walls and changes every 10 weeks; local writers’ books are on our shelves. Come and have a peek! Call for appointment to view - 403-348-2787.

The Red Deer Arts Council is pleased to present Carol Lynn Gilchrist's artwork in the office until July 2020.

Carol Lynn Gilchrist - Artist Statement

The Inside Passage to Alaska

Since 2013, I have focused on 'en plein air" style of painting because there is a mindfulness to it that I enjoy. In this sense I depict the common scene as a sacred place; capturing the light and spirit of the place, and conveying my emotional attachment to the land. I enjoy camping, hiking and backpacking and I often paint on my travels.

I only took a watercolour sketchbook on the cruise, so immediately upon my return I painted about a dozen small paintings based on those pencil sketches and words scribbled in the margins. Often I would scratch my head in trying to decipher and paint these flowing descriptions of colour, water and clouds, such as, "The clouds hang and dangle over the water surface like they are suspended by wires" or "the mist is made up of transparent bands of blue, purple and green..." and "a tongue-like glacier glowing aqua despite an overcast day" and my favorite, "light bouncing off everything...glowing!"

As I set up my easel in the backyard, the mist of the west coast came floating back and I could see and feel the air in my mind's eye, as I took a moment to meditate prior to painting. It was important to capture in paint the sights and sounds of the Inside Passage to Alaska, a remarkable trip filled with sea, sunlight, mist and clouds, mounds of islands fading into dots on the horizon.

Eagle's Nest remains a special moment for me; to witness such a majestic bird amid the glow of the sun through the mis. Time just slowed down enough for me so that I could etch the image into my brain. Painting it just required closing my eyes!

I continue to explore themes of land, water, and the impact of human devlopment in my art. My website is

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