Eelkje VanderMeulen-Smart

My work represents real and imagined memories of the Alberta landscape, which has become a reoccurring image in my minds eye because of its grandeur and ever changing nature. Mostly my art does not resemble the real world but my interpretation of it.

My abstract landscape painting can be viewed in art elements regarding color, shape, line, texture, space and value. Painting is the way I choose to express myself. The process of creating is forever interesting and exciting: the flash of an idea and the struggle of how to commit it to canvas. The world is full of fascinating things to paint although the influence in my art is from everything I see, feel and think.
Expressing myself through art is my best friend. It stimulates me and provides a peaceful respite
from the outside world.
I love nature, love the landscape, the genius of every place I visit and see on this place called earth.

"Thoughts of Life"
Love yourself, be yourself and shine around those who never believed you could.

Eelkje VanderMeulen-Smart

Art Images included:

Mystic Peaks (in profile image)
Eelkje VanderMeulen-Smart, 18" x 24"
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Crescent Falls
Eelkje VanderMeulen-Smart, 36" x 48"
Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

Rising from the Earth
Eelkje VanderMeulen-Smart, 9" x 12"
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Kootenay Plains
Eelkje VanderMeulen-Smart, 24" x 48"
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Cascade Mountain
Eelkje VanderMeulen-Smart, 16" x 20"
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Email : edievm(at)
Red Deer, Alberta

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