Gordon Klaassen

Gordon Klaassen is a self-taught visual artist living in Red Deer, Alberta.

He creates watercolour paintings that are highly imaginative, "my paintings are generally of a whimsical or quirky nature. I often don’t know where the inspiration for these paintings come from as they seem to have a life of their own and I am just their servant in presenting them to the world."

Gordon is always working to increase his skills in expressing these images and with that comes a lot of experimentation, planning and research. After the initial inspiration, hours of thought take place before the brush touches paper.

Gordon's artwork can be seen at the amazing A+ Art Gallery & Unique Collection in Red Deer and he is grateful for the encouragement and guidance of gallery owner Michael Huyzer.

Contact : Gordon Klaassen

Phone : 403-550-4505
Email : gjklaassen(at)shaw.ca
Red Deer, Alberta

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