Jason O'Connor

Urban Tribalism combines esoteric symbols, elemental

cultural motifs, and humans in an expansive universal

environment. Cities, animals, and cultures are the common

thread. I like bright candy urban coloured work done with

spray paint, acrylic, ink, stencils and collage elements.

I mash up cultural icons with mysticism, using modern

tools. My hand-cut stencils mimic ancient pigment blown

through a reed over a hand. These are modern cave


I paint for humanism, peace, and I try to highlight

humanity's connectedness with the universe, cities, and

energies surrounding us.

Your interpretation is the only one that matters to me

when you view or own my work.

Thank you,

Urban Tribalism

21 years of art by Jason O'Connor

Contact : Jason O'Connor

Phone : 1-403-671-1493
Email : oconnor205(at)gmail.com

Website : http://www.urbantribalism.org


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