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Edna Caouette's many
perspectives on art

Edna Caouette approaches her art from many different perspectives.

Her solo show at Red Deer College in 2014 featured her moody and dramatic abstract landscapes. Lately, she has been doing a lot of floral painting.

And her next project is a different take on nature. It is a close-up of a White Aspen, an artistic take on the artwork nature creates in the tree's bark.

“I kind of experiment with all kinds of things,” says Edna, who lives in Red Deer, where she has a home studio. “I've done everything from portraiture to abstract landscapes.”

Edna is just as adventurous in her medium of choice. While she is working a lot in acrylics now, she has previously worked in oil and watercolours.

She first delved into art seriously when she was 14. She was living in Daysland and a friend invited her to art class. She was hooked.

Like so many, Edna had to put her art largely aside as she raised her family.

But the passion never died and in 2010 she began taking classes in Red Deer College's Visual Arts Program.

“I was going part-time and it just kind of grew from there.”

In 2014, she had her solo show at the college's Knock-Knock Gallery.

“It was really exciting,” she says.

She has not shown a lot lately but was selling work at Bonavista Fine Art in Sylvan Lake until it closed last fall.

“I haven't done a lot in the business end of the arts,” she says.

“I do it because I love it. I get lost in it. I can go in my studio and get lost for hours.”

She counts Argentinean artists/sculptor Fabian Perez, Russian-born artist Maya Eventov, who now lives in Canada, and Canadian painter Kimberly Kiel among her influences.

One of her inspirational highlights was a trip she took several years ago, visiting six European countries in two weeks with her partner, Rick, a photographer.

“We fit very well together,” she says, adding it's nice to have someone to take such high-quality reference photos.

I am a daughter, a sister, a mother and a grandmother.

I am a limitless creative woman and lover of the Arts.

I love nature and all its beauty and aspire to improve my community.

I am artist Edna Caouette.

I am proud to call Red Deer home.

Join me in discovering the best our city has to offer.