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Christine Karron: creating new worlds with her art!

Christine Karron speaks four languages, but her favourite way of telling a story is through the pictures she creates. The Red Deer resident, who’s becoming known for her Fairies colouring books and children’s illustrations, was born in Estonia and moved at age 16 to Germany. She was raised in a family that encouraged creativity. Karron recalled her grandma, a gifted artist, “used to hold my hand to teach me to draw when I was a baby.… In my family (art) was something normal."

“I never thought of doing anything else,” she admitted.

Karron was accepted into the Tallinn Art School for Children in Estonia. She later graduated from a technical high school focusing on art and design in Germany. Although she intended to take visual arts at university, Karron realized she was already earning a living as a freelance illustrator for advertising and publishing firms. So, she instead opted to establish her art career — a journey that continued after she moved to Canada with her husband and three children in 2008.

Alberta proved a great fit for the artist, who loves the countryside and “nice” people here. She explained, “In Europe I always felt torn between two different countries, two cultures…but when I came here, nobody cared if I was speaking perfect English. I’m finally feeling at home.”

To connect to the local artistic community, Karron joined the Red Deer Arts Council, which keeps members apprised of exhibit, education and career opportunities. She’s created public art projects, including murals of famous musicians on The Krossing nightclub, and popular art demonstration videos that have thousands of YouTube views. Between catering to her family’s needs, Karron experiments with different styles and techniques, selling her eclectic paintings and prints online.

Using traditional media — watercolours, coloured pencils and acrylic paint — she conjures fantasy subjects from her imagination. Often she will wake up with ideas for new projects and characters. Among them is Benny Blue Rabbit, the hero of her children’s stories.

Karron encourages everyone to explore their own artistic potential. “Art is absolutely important. It’s therapeutic.”

I am the Arts

I love to draw.

I enjoy telling a story through art and escaping into the world I am creating.

I am a professional artist and illustrator.

I love spending time with my family.

I am Christine Karron.

I am proud to call Red Deer home.

Christine Karron