Art is All Around Us

For our First Edition of the Creativity Blog, we are sharing thoughts written by our Board Vice-Chair and Visual Artist Doug Vint.

Photo by rawkkim on Unsplash

Art is all around us, do you understand art?

Look at the signs, the billboards, the murals, the architecture, the vehicles, the flower gardens. Artists contribute to all these and more. Colours and shapes and sounds are part of the art.

Go to a hockey game…the logos on the boards, the team jerseys, the presentation, the lighting, the sound system are all arts in themselves and come together to produce an exciting evening out. Even your wardrobe was designed by an artist. The music we hear of course is art and even the blogs you read are sometimes artistically done.

All mechanical and architectural design begins in an art studio. Everything in your car was originally drawn and an artist likely designed the machines that build the car parts too. Architects are artists and must understand how materials work together. Their talents determine how colours mix and how reflections and textures have their effect to make a structure pleasing or confrontational to the eye.

Even the people you see on the street are all actors, playing the part they wish to play, moving to their own choreography and putting forth their own brand of being. That is an art done well by some and not so much by others but an individual art in itself. Enjoy the variety and their freedom to express themselves for they are all creative artists.

Of course the most perfect art is displayed by nature. Even within the city, the flowers, the sky, the clouds and trees all are continually changing works of art. The way the wind creates music in the leaves, the fluid grace of birds and the reflection on a pond are of the greatest quality of art.

When we say “understand art” just stop and look around you…see it all, hear it all, enjoy it all, and you will come to understand art.


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