The Creative Questionnaire with Bob Alspach

Your earliest memory of art:
A small painting at my grandparents home of a wolf overlooking a small farm home, in the foothills, on a moonlit winter night!

When did you know this would become your vocation:
Always interested in Art but not until I was married did it occur to me that I should pursue that interest.

Your greatest influence:
Several notable ones come to mind. An Aunt, Grandfather, an Elementary Teacher, My Wife and a University Art Prof!

Occupation you would have chosen other than art:
Toyed with the thought of becoming a Landscape Architect!

Favourite pastime:
Watching the birds, trees and weather from my deck while nursing a glass of Cab Sauv!

Favourite artist:
Ted Godwin of the Regina Five

Favourite writer and musician:
Edward Rutherford & Eric Clapton

Favourite Food and Drink:
Spaghetti & Meat Sauce & Guinness

Favourite Smell and Sound:
Fresh Baked Bread & House Wren singing

Favourite Object:
My Swiss Pocket knife

Favourite landscape:
From my back deck

Favourite weather or season:
Sunny Fall days

Favourite word:

Pet Peeve:
People who say Mediums when they mean Media!

Best quality:

Worst flaw:

Definition of happiness:
Being in the moment

Ideal place to live:
Where ever your love and friends are.

A recurring dream:
Can’t say I have one.

One wish:
Live a happy life & die satisfied!

Create a work of Art that Survives and Speaks to Generations!

To me art is:
The process where one creates and/or shares in the magical meaning of life through the senses


Short Bio of Robert Alspach

Saskatchewan born & raised, University of Sask (Regina now), BA, BEd. Moved to Red Deer 1970 to teach Art for RDPSD and City Culture Services. Retired and still producing Paintings, Drawings & Prints.

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