Janice Shimek - The Proust Questionnaire

Your earliest memory of art: As a child I was in wonderment of the art in our Church. I probably spent more time looking at all the paintings than what was being said in Church. Art, architecture and performance of any kind has always engaged me.

When did you know this would become your vocation: In high school when I took art classes, performed, raised money and help coordinate activities.

Your greatest influence: My parents who were gone too soon.

Occupation you would have chosen other than art: I always thought I should have become an architect, but that is just another form of art.Maybe a teacher.

Favourite pastime: Camping.I am at peace alone in the west country.

Favourite artist: Clarence Gagnon.

Favourite writer and musician: John Steinbeck and The Band.

Favourite Food and Drink: A fantastic salad and Wine. Lavender and music.

Favourite Smell and Sound: Lavender and music. My art.

Favourite Object: My art.

Favourite landscape: Water (ocean, lake, river, stream).

Favourite weather or season: Summer.

Favourite word: Crap.

Pet Peeve: People who don't use their signal lights.

Best quality: Passionate.

Worst flaw: Sometimes I spread myself too thin.

Definition of happiness: Good friends, family and spending time with each other.

Ideal place to live: Central Alberta.

A recurring dream: I am late.

One wish: To travel more.

Aspirations: To be a better volunteer.

To me art is: Something for everyone to enjoy, something we can find everywhere. It is beauty for het eyes and joyfulness for the ears.


Janice Shimek is a wife, mother, grandmother, dog owner and sister. She has worked in the non-profit world for over 30 years and is currently the Festival Director for CentreFest. Janice is responsible for the overall management and implementation and success of this unique community festival. She believes that working for the community to present this event gives her an opportunity to work with her head and her heart.

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