Proust Questionnaire with Gordon Klaassen

Your earliest memory of art: Hot Rod Illustrations

When did you know this would become your vocation: When I retired from my “regular” job and had the time to pursue my artistic interests.

Your greatest influence: My kids as they really encouraged my imagination.

Occupation you would have chosen other than art: The occupation I did choose was woodworking.

Favourite pastime: Reading and sketching

Favourite artist: Favourite dead artist: Albert Bierstadt.

Favourite living artist: Tomislav Jagnjic.

Favourite writer and musician: This is always changing but right now, Salman Rushdie and Nick Cave.

Favourite Food and Drink: Crown Royal and strong cheese.

Favourite Smell and Sound: Cookies baking and children laughing. Preferably at the same time.

Favourite Object: My trusty pencil.

Favourite landscape: Pristine field of snow waiting for my footprints.

Favourite weather or season: Summer, sunny and warm.

Favourite word: Damn Skippy. Okay i know that’s two words.

Pet Peeve: Red Deer traffic lights.

Best quality: Determination.

Worst flaw: Self critical.

Definition of happiness: Quiet talks with my granddaughter.

Ideal place to live: A cottage on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

A recurring dream: The dream of Impending Doom.

One wish: I wouldn’t mind a bit of immortality.

Aspirations: To find my way deeper into that place inspiration comes from.

To me art is: Art is a relationship between the artist, the work, and the eventual viewer. They all play an equally important role.

Gordon's Biography:
I was born and raised in Manitoba. Married at 19 and still the best decision I ever made. Or was it her decision? I forget. Have two amazing adult children and one astonishingly unique granddaughter. Moved to Alberta in 2005. Love it here. Began seriously working on my art in 2017. I don’t have formal training but studied a lot of art books and you tube videos. I really enjoy working with watercolours.

Some of Gordon's works, currently available at A+ Art Gallery & Unique Collections:

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