2020 Online Arts Festival

The festival is on pause for the month of June, while we celebrate the student artists of the 'HangUps and Insights' high school exhibition. Check it out HERE.

Local visual, literary and performing artists take to the online stage

The year 2020 has taken quite a unique turn in the past couple of months, but digital communications and the arts have taken a forefront position as people spend more time at home, physical distancing and staying safe and healthy. While the Red Deer Arts Council’s Kiwanis Art Gallery is closed, we are taking the opportunity to share creativity of all genres through our website and social media with the 2020 Online Arts Festival.

With grant funding from the City of Red Deer Culture Services, the arts council is pleased to be able to support participating artists in sharing their work through artist fees for this juried exhibition open to Central Alberta and Red Deer artists of all ages in performing, literary and visual disciplines.

Whether a dancer, actor, writer, singer, painter or poet, artists of all kinds will share their talent and creativity through images and video performances or tutorials on the Red Deer Arts Council’s online platforms.

This unique and exciting exhibition will exist on all arts council social media platforms and our website:

Red Deer Arts Council is pleased to present the 2020 Online Arts Festival Juried Exhibition, which runs from May 1st to 31st and July 1st to 31st, 2020, with a pause for a special presentation in June.

To submit your work, find out more here: https://www.reddeerartscouncil.ca/online-arts-festival/call-submissions-2020-OAFest

Today's #OnlineArtsFestival posting comes from local artist and journalist, Lana Michelin! Multi-talented, to say the least!

Off Spadina 1
Lana Michelin, 2020
24" x 18" NFS

Our next post for the #OnlineArtsFestival is from Amanda Frost, who not only creates wonderful paintings of flowers, but also of wildlife. She'll be teaching an acrylic painting workshop at @A+ Art Gallery and Unique Collections in June! Check it out!

Acrylic on Canvas
Amanda Frost, 2020
16" x 20", $125

Artist Statement
When choosing my subject I tend to pick ones that may be overlooked by the viewer because of its distracting surroundings. Most of my pointilism work is completed in black and white. I strongly believe this brings out the beauty I see. The finer details allow the image, that might otherwise be
clouded by colours, to be appreciated. Each piece of my work is created with one size nib, with no extra or specialized tools. I am able accomplish my techniques using precise control. This leaves you with a greater appreciation of the details. My work dictates a more realistic style, and I prefer to work
with solid subjects.
When I paint with acrylic or use coloured pencils, I tend to play with the colours to challenge the viewer to see the subjects from a different perspective that is typically associated with it.
I would like my audience to see both colours, and subjects in a whole new way…part realism, part through their imagination.
My mission is to enjoy the process, and in turn, hope the viewer will do the same when they see my work.
Amanda Frost

Our next submission is going up late in the evening, but it fits the pieces perfectly! Enjoy these moon-inspired wet-felted wool hats!

Phases of the Moon: Waxie, Moonie and Waynie
Hand Wet-Felted Wool cap, oversized beret and fascinator
Margaret R. Hall, December 2019
Made to fit an average head size of 22.5"

Artist Statement:
The phases that the moon follows fascinate me, and here I speculate on how the moon becomes so big as it changes. Does Waxie consume the stars? There appear fewer when Moonie arrives and more appear as Waynie enters the night sky?

Margaret R. Hall has been involved in fibre and textile arts since receiving her first pair of knitting needles and yarn at aged three. She continues to develop and combine her skills as a felter, weaver, dyer, spinner, knitter and lace maker.

Our Wednesday post for the #OnlineArtsFestival features one of our favourite birds! Roberta had a challenge keeping this beauty under wraps for us.

"Peacocks in the Sky"
Coloured Pencil on Pigment Photograph on Watercolour Paper
Roberta Murray, 2020
10.75" x 13.75"

Unfocused Focus
Although most artists do best when working in isolation, the forced isolation of Covid-19 created such unrest in me that I didn’t do any painting for the first 6 weeks. I couldn’t focus. I didn’t know what to paint. The things that meant the most to me, nature and wildlife, were inaccessible suddenly. Our spring trip to see the bird migration was cancelled, as was our annual trip to the mountains to see the wildlife and deliver artwork to the gallery before the busyness of their summer season. This created a real disconnect between me and painting.
Although I had trouble sleeping, I was starting to have very vivid dreams of birds in surreal situations. Perhaps the birds, migrating through this strangely quiet landscape almost devoid of people, were the catalyst for these dreams.
Wanting to document these dreams, I tried some experimental work combining photography with sketches, and paintings. Unfocused photographs, unfocused mind combined to help me focus my attention back to creating.
These works are mixed media pieces with a photographic base featuring hand sketched, coloured, or painted birds in a somewhat surreal situation.

Roberta Murray is a photographer, painter and illustrator from Red Deer, Alberta. She has a certificate in professional photography but has self-directed her studies in painting and illustration, working with accomplished artists from across North America. She is a juried member of the Alberta Society of Artists, and associate member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Check out more of Roberta's works!
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/roberta_murray_art/
Website https://www.robertamurray.ca

Our next work from the #OnlineArtsFestival comes from a young artist, Alirah Trisha! Check out her two pieces! Well done, Alirah! We hope you continue to design and draw!

The Gate Keeper's Desire
Digital Design in Ibis Paint X, May 2020
Alirah Trisha P., age 14


As the Leaves Fall
Copic Pens, Markers and Watercolour, May 2020
Alirah Trisha P., age 14

Our next entry in the #OnlineArtsFestival is from the world of ceramics and pottery! Enjoy!

My Eternity
Karen Brodie, October 2019
9" x 6.75" *SOLD*

I recently attended a workshop by the Ceramic Artist Steven Hill. His workshop was all about his career, and his journey to where he is now, after years of experimenting with gestural throwing, firing schedules and glazes. His work truly inspired me. He shared his methods and recipes freely, and I have taken them and adapted them to my abilities and preferences. I love Fall colours, and now I am seeing just how rich I can make them for my functional pieces.

Biography - Karen Brodie
I have been a ceramic artist for many years, starting out taking lessons with the Red Deer College at the “North School” back in the 1970’s. I have taken many courses and workshops over the years, and experimented with different clays, glazes, and alternative firing methods. I make decorative and functional pieces, and am pleased when my pieces feel good in my hands.

We continue to receive visual and literary art submissions, and we're so excited for our last week of May posts, but we're still hoping to share music and theatre posts, too! Check out the submission details available at https://www.reddeerartscouncil.ca/…/call-submissions-2020-O…

Thanks again to our sponsors Kraze 101.3 and X100.7 - Red Deer's Alternative and our grantor City of Red Deer Culture Services!

Huge thank you to our presenting radio sponsors, X 100.8 Red Deer's Alternative and Kraze 101.3 FM radio stations for their continued support of the Online Arts Festival!

Our next literary arts piece in the #OnlineArtsFestival is from multidisciplinary artist Elena Audrey Mae! Enjoy "April, Sometime"

Artist Statement
APRIL, SOMETIME was inspired by being back in my hometown and allowing the familiar sounds
and smells to carry me into a world before time existed, where the listless days of summer
seemed never ending - where the annoyance I now find in interruption was nonexistent
because life carried on –
to moment
to moment –

Artist Biography
Elena Audrey Mae is an emerging actor, writer, and playwright proudly hailing from Red Deer,
Alberta. She is a graduate of the William Esper Studio’s full time acting program in New York
City, and has recently been accepted into the University of Victoria’s Bachelor of Fine Arts
Writing Program for the fall of 2020. Elena’s first book, A Strange Collection of Tiny Profound
Things, is slated to be published in the Fall of 2020 - an array of essays and poems about grief,
love and loss and love, and what happens to a person when the world suddenly begins to sing.

Today's #OnlineArtsFestival installment is a video tutorial with multi-disciplinary visual artist, Wendy Meeres! Wendy creates lampwork glass, raku pottery and watercolour paintings to express her creativity. Check out this quick video and then give it a try yourself! #creativityunderstood #tutorial #video #alwayslearning

Check out more of her works at https://www.facebook.com/WendyMeeresArt/

Spring Findings; Antler and Crocus
Bronze, Sterling Silver
Teena Dickerson, 2019
8.5" x 3" $650.00

Artist Statement
Each spring, I wander through the meadows, fields, trees, and brambles searching for spring offerings revealed in the receding snow cover. Finding the first wild prairie crocus or a shed antler feels like a gift. Finding both is numinous.

Teena Dickerson is a metal artist specializing in the lost wax casting process. Teena continually finds inspiration in the rolling hills and prairie outside of her studio in Delburne.

Instagram: teenas_art_heart
Facebook: Teena Dickerson Art
Visit her website: teenadickersonart.com

For our first Literary Submission to the Red Deer Arts Council's #OnlineArtsFestival, we are excited to share "Hold On" by J Tudor Davies, a member of Red Deer Writers' Ink. You can find more on that organization at https://reddeerwritersink.wordpress.com/.

Biography of poet Tudor Davies
In 1988 I started writing poetry in a class in Wales, in Welsh, mostly in ‘strict meter’ form. After six to seven years of learning, I started competing and still send poems to Wales. In 2014 in Red Deer at Writers Ink I started writing in English.

Autumn Fields
Wet Felting, 2016
Lynn LeCorre
17" x 14", $250

Artist Statement

Nature is my muse. It inspires me, calms me and awakens my senses. After many years of living in Northern Alberta, I became truly aware of the beauty that surrounds us, especially trees. I did an exhibit on the nature of trees and their many forms, as a resource, as a habitat for wildlife (birds especially) and as a tenacious structure in our brutal Canadian climate. I pondered how to capture the fragility and tenacity of trees through a new medium – stitching. Thread can be fragile in its singular form, easily broken yet when stitched or woven into a textile it gains strength. Stitching trees landscapes and birds created proved to be an ideal approach to conveying the beauty of the form through lines and thread. I started by stitching trees on paper, and collaging them into my mixed media works. Stitching is just another way to make a mark, a line or texture in nature. I then discovered wet felting and I was hooked. Wet felting became another surface on which I could stitch my drawings and build up with fibre rather than paper. I continue to explore this textile medium as another way to layer the textures of nature with felted wool and thread to convey beauty.

Artist Biography

Lynn LeCorre: "I have a Visual Communications diploma and a Bachelor of Education degree in Art. I have taught art for over 30 years in community programs, privately, in the school system and through my own visual art school. My career path as an art educator, lead me into the non-profit world and I have been a gallery and museum educator for almost 20 years. Since moving to Red Deer in 2016 and working as the Education Coordinator at the Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery I have immersed myself into my career. I also teach youth painting classes for Culture Services with the City of Red Deer. I have exhibited in many group shows and a few solo shows in Alberta and in northern B.C.I seek to balance my career life with my art practice."

Open Me 3
Watercolour, 2019
Sheila Wright
8" x 10", $35.00

Our next work in the Online Arts Festival is from local artist and member of the Red Deer Art Club, Sheila Wright! Sheila has spent many years enjoying the process of learning to express herself with drawing and painting. "Red Deer has been a wonderful place to experience this process."

Artist Statement
The series “Open Me” of old locks was a challenge I set myself to do some small images with old metal and wood. I found it intriguing and exciting to see all of the different shapes and colors that can be found in these images.

For our first Performing Arts post in the 2020 Online Arts Festival, we are thrilled to share with you the Red Deer Royals' 2017 Show entitled "Elements." These members of the Red Deer Community Band Society competed with this piece at the World Music Contest in Kerkrade, Netherlands. They received a Gold award for this show (and you'll quickly see why!)

The music they chose for their "Elements" show (Earth, Wind, Water and Fire) was:
Fire and Ice by Gary P. Gilroy and Antarctic Glaciers by John King

The Red Deer Royals Marching Show Band from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada is Central Alberta’s world class marching show band. The members of the Royals are between the ages of 12 and 20 and come from several communities surrounding the Red Deer area. Over the past 51 years, the Royals have developed an award-winning program entertaining crowds locally and internationally. In addition to being an accomplished marching band, the Royals have a strong symphonic band tradition and an outstanding colour guard. Music performance is only part of the Royals: a strong leadership program that fosters teamwork, respect and sense of pride is also developed.

Give these musicians a round of applause on their dedication and hard work!

Together Strong (detail)
Digital and Collage
Lorene Runham, 2019
40" x 30"

Artist Statement

This digital artwork represents the strength of all Canadians working together during the covid-19 pandemic.The original photo of stones caught in a grate represents for me the multi-ethnic people groups of Canada each in isolation in 2020.The photo was altered using layers and filters, then collaged additions of the many languages spoken in Canada, all quoting author Carlos Fuentes: “Recognize yourself in he and she who are not like you or me.”I am overwhelmed with the continued help all Canadians are exhibiting towards each other regardless of background and race.We are together strong during these uncertain times!

Calm Waters
Acrylic on Canvas, 2020
Kristina Miko
Diptych, each 12" x 36"

River Fragments with Woman
Acrylic/mixed media on canvas
Susan Delaney, 2020

Susan Delaney - Artist’s Statement

I work with an underlying sense that the most interesting art eludes watertight analytical reduction and allows the intuitions of the artist, the viewer and the collective psyche to shape the experience of each, and all.

In recent years the focus of my practice has shifted from abstracting landscape to a long-standing concern for mixed media portraiture, and degrees of abstraction with a heavy emphasis on photo image transfer. In this work, right-brain process takes the lead as I allow intuition unrestricted access to an otherwise invisible inner archive formed of many years of looking at and making art and collecting imagery.

My intent is to challenge the painting, drawing and image-assumption processes in a exploratory, developing relationship with resonance and personal vision. Several years of exploratory reading in contemporary philosophies of being has at once supplemented and driven this search. I am finding that the making process has become an unquestioned fundamental of life.

The Dude
Mixed Media, 2020
Lily Spencer Cook, age 7

Lily is one of our local child artists participating in our 2020 Online Arts Festival! You can too!

Today's visual work is by Gordon Klaassen! More details about how to participate by submitting your visual, literary or performing arts work coming early next week!

Dream Ring
Watercolour, 2020
Gordon Klaassen

We didn't want to let May Day pass without sharing a visual work with lively poppies in bloom.

Field of Hope
Mixed Media, 2020
Margriet Hogue
20" x 20"