2017 Emerging Artist Award Recipient


Photo: Rueben, Jesse and Craig

Rueben is a local filmmaker with a BA in Communications and Culture (honours) from the University of Calgary. He is the director and CEO of CACHE Productions in Red Deer. His body of work includes over 25 short films and videos produced since 2012. His work can be found at www.thecacheproject.ca. Among other projects, he was involved with the Central Alberta Refugee Effort’s Journeys of Hope production for Alberta Culture Days in 2016.

Rueben hails from a Hutterite Colony near Cluny, AB. His travels, since he left in 2000, have taken him around the world. These travels along with his upbringing on the colony add to his quirky perspectives in his short films. His short films are breadcrumbs on his path of development as he experiments with a filmmaking style, but also perspectives on life and culture in the Central Alberta community.

Currently Rueben is winding up CACHE Productions’ second broadcast license with TELUS Optik Local. Five short films from The CACHE Project will be released in the summer of 2017. His long term goal is to bring more recognition to the filmmaking industry in Central Alberta. Toward this end, he has plans to create a network for local filmmaking talent to produce, write and direct films that complement our Central Albertan culture and identity.

Rueben is also working on 2017/18 season of The CACHE Project films. Included is a narrative documentary called I Fought The Law, about a farmer who goes to jail for protecting his rural property after police fail to show up in time after a call to 911.