Kiwanis Art Gallery

For the love of nature

Red Deer Arts Council is pleased to present For the Love of Nature: Paintings by Elaine Funnell and Cindy Barratt which runs from June 14 to August 15, 2021 in the Kiwanis Gallery.

Using the structure of traditional botanical illustration, Elaine’s works take a fresh approach to Alberta’s native plant life with the addition of drying onions, carrots and beets. Cindy’s works depict our wonderful Alberta Wild Rose in its natural habitat. The two styles of works complement each other to bring us their differing perspectives of nature.

Following the artists’ wishes, there will be no First Friday Red Deer Opening.

The Red Deer Public Library is open to the public for Express Visits at this time.
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Alberta Rose Hips #1
Watercolour, 2014
Cindy Barratt

A rose among the dogwoods:

Alberta’s native plants featured in the Kiwanis Gallery

Two artists share their perspectives on Alberta’s flora in the Kiwanis Gallery’s summer show,

For the Love of Nature: Paintings by Elaine Funnell and Cindy Barratt. The two styles of works complement each other to educate us and help us appreciate our native plant life.

Using the structure and style of traditional botanical illustration, Elaine Funnell’s watercolours depict not only typical members of Alberta’s native species, but also typical residents of a traditional Alberta vegetable garden, such as drying onions, carrots, and beets. Residing on six acres of old-growth forest, Elaine is inspired by nature – especially native Alberta plants.

She wishes to draw attention to the importance of our native plants to our survival, and the need to save and protect the carefully balanced ecosystem that involves us all.

Cindy’s works focus on exclusively in this show on the Alberta Wild Rose, but before it has been clipped from the stem. She explores the rose’s various seasonal stages in a variety of habitats. Combining a strong colour element, dynamic light, and a loose realistic style, she presents their colours, shapes, and beauty. Elaine loves to discover their “souls” and personalities, allowing viewers to draw parallels between nuances of the rose, the province, and its people, and to find their own love of nature, memories, or connection to the Iconic flower.

We hope the community will respond by visiting the gallery and supporting our Alberta artists. (Safe health restrictions apply.)

Nature Notes - September #4
Watercolour and Ink, 2019
Elaine Funnell

Sunny Alberta – Roses #12
Watercolour, 2012
Cindy Barratt

Drying Onions #6
Watercolour, 2015
Elaine Funnell